Apple Trackpad: Which is the best of 2022?

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In recent years, the performance of apple trackpad has improved considerably, making it a much more powerful and versatile tool.

Many apple laptop users can’t live without a traditional mouse and prefer to plug one into their computer rather than make use of the laptop’s built-in trackpad . Similarly, there are those who get used to the touch panel and then miss it when they have to work with a desktop computer.

At the end of the day, each one offers some advantages and disadvantages and gives better performance in some applications or others. 

Important Note

  • Apple Trackpads , also known as touchpads , are touch panels designed to perform the same functions as traditional mouse.
  • Apple Trackpad or touch panels have evolved a lot in recent years. They are not only a stand-alone peripheral, but also a much more powerful and versatile tool.
  • When choosing an apple trackpad,  the first thing you have to check is whether it is compatible with Mac operating system. Then, it is important that you take into account criteria such as its size, whether it integrates buttons or not, and the connectivity options it offers.

The best trackpads on the market: our recommendations

In this section, we present you the trackpad selection that we have prepared for you. We have elaborated it trying to include articles as varied as possible. In it, you can find from the favorite option of online users to the Apple Magic Trackpad 2. Of course, they all offer very good value for money.

Twelve South MagicBridge Connects Apple Magic Trackpad 2 to Apple Wireless Keyboard

Twelve South MagicBridge | Connects Apple Magic Trackpad 2 to Apple Wireless Keyboard – Trackpad and Keyboard 

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (for Mac Computers with Apple Silicon) – US English, Includes USB-C to Lighting Cable

Microsoft N9Z-00002 All-in-One Media Keyboard

Microsoft N9Z-00002 All-in-One Media Keyboard

 Magic Apple Trackpad (Wireless, Rechargable
Magic Apple Trackpad (Wireless,)

Apple Magic Trackpad (Wireless, Rechargable) – White Multi-Touch Surface

Buying guide: Everything you should know about the Apple trackpad

When buying an apple trackpad, it is essential that you consider a series of important issues. Keep in mind that, although there is not a wide variety of touch panel models, not all of them offer the same features. For this reason, in this section we intend to answer the questions that apple trackpad buyers usually ask .

What exactly are trackpads ?

Trackpads are touch panels that perform the same function as traditional mice. Initially, they were integrated into laptops. However, for some years now, they have been marketed as stand-alone peripherals for personal computers. These generally have a larger size than those of laptops.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trackpads ?

Using a touchpad like the apple trackpad offers a number of benefits that can offset its lower accuracy compared to traditional mice. We have summarized them in the following table.

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  • They are very comfortable to use
  • Allow gesture control
  • They are very light and easy to transport
  • They usually have ergonomic designs
  • Its use does not require as much space as conventional mice
  • Some have really fancy designs


  • For some tasks they are not as precise as mice
  • They are not the best option to play video games

For whom is it advisable to buy an apple trackpad?

Mainly for users who are very used to working with the laptop, especially if you have a Mac laptop, as one of its strengths is its multi-touch apple trackpaThus, with them you can enjoy a device on your desktop that works exactly like the touch panels on laptops.

What is the difference between a trackpad and a touchpad ?

Basically, the difference between trackpads and touchpads comes down to the fact that the first refers to the panels of Macs and the second to Windows computers. In short, they are two different ways of calling the same component or peripheral, as the case may be. Of course, each one is adapted to the possibilities offered by each operating system.

How is apple trackpad different from a trackball ?

The main difference between an apple trackpad and a trackball is that while the former records the user’s movements and actions through a panel, the latter does so by moving a ball. In addition, trackballs somewhat resemble mouse in their shape, being their main application for design.

What is the difference between a trackpad and a graphics tablet?

Graphic tablets are computer peripherals that consist of a hard surface with sensitivity to touch and with which it is possible to transfer the movements of a pen to a monitor. Therefore, they are different devices from trackpads in terms of their operation and applications. You can see their main differences below:

Apple Trackpad

  • replace a mouse in all its functions, General use and are designed for all types of users

Graphic tablet

  • They can replace a mouse, but it is not their main function. They are mainly used to draw, write and edit images.
  • Graphic design and digital edition.
  • They are intended for professional users, such as graphic designers, illustrators, engineers, and architects.

Is Apple trackpad recommended for playing video games?

Although it is possible to use touch panels to play video games, the truth is that, except for a specific game, its features cannot be compared to those that mouse can offer. And much less to those of gamer mouse used in gaming computers. The difference in performance and precision is especially noticeable in action, simulation or real-time strategy games.

What is the Force Touch technology of Apple trackpad?

Force Touch is the new technology implemented by Apple for its new trackpads and with which you can enjoy better control of the device and new and interesting functions. One of the most outstanding is the possibility of performing the click action in any area of ​​the trackpad and not necessarily in the lower part.

In addition, this technology also allows you to configure the pressure sensor so that you can adapt it to your preferences. To all this, we must add configurable actions. Whether it’s controlling the speed of a video forward or backward, applying more or less pressure or the possibility of clicking hard to search or detect data.

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What are the most common gestures of an Apple trackpad?

There is no doubt that it is important to know the touch gestures of the trackpad and touchpad well.  After all, with them we are going to carry out all the actions that we usually do with the mouse. Here are some of the most common Apple trackpad .

  • Drag with two fingers: With this gesture you can move a document. Also often referred to as scrolling .
  • Drag with three fingers: With this gesture it is possible to scroll through an image or document whose size is larger than the screen.
  • Tap with one finger: If you tap once, you select. If you press two, you click.
  • Press with two fingers: Pressing with two fingers accesses the secondary click that opens the context menu.
  • Separate or join with two fingers: With this gesture it is possible to zoom out or zoom in on an image or document.

Purchase criteria

Before purchasing an apple trackpad , it is essential that you take into account a series of purchase criteria. To make the selection process as easy as possible, we have chosen the ones that, in our opinion, are the most important. In this way, we put at your disposal a complete buying guide to adjust the value for money to the maximum.

Apple os

You need a trackpad if you can opt for one of the versions of the Apple computer. 

touch surface

The size of the apple trackpad  ‘s touch surface is another aspect that you have to take into account. In general, desktop touchpads are usually larger in size than laptop touchpads . Even so, the truth is that, in general, its use requires less space than traditional mouse.


When it comes to connectivity, there are three options: wired, wireless, or both. The first is usually done through a USB port. The second is usually carried out via bluetooth . Of course, remember that there are different versions of this technology. Make sure it is compatible with the one on your computer.


In the event that you opt for one with a wireless function, it is important that you take into account the autonomy of the battery. There are those that offer from several days to a couple of months. In addition, you should also consider the type of battery they integrate and whether it is rechargeable or not. If they use AA batteries, you will have to replace them from time to time with the inconvenience that this may entail.

Closing Thought

Today, we have a wide variety of ways to interact with computers, so we are no longer just limited to the keyboard and mouse. Thus, we have touch screens, trackpads , graphics tablets and trackballs , among others. Naturally, each one offers some advantages and is more adapted to a type of use and user.

Specifically, the apple trackpad stand out for their comfort and for the possibility of performing gesture control similar to that of tablets. In addition, in recent years, it has been gaining new functions, which has allowed them to expand the control possibilities. However, despite the fact that there is not much variety of devices, choosing the right one is not always easy.

Finally, if you consider that this guide has been useful in your election process, you can leave us a comment or share it through the different social networks.

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