WhatsApp Plus V10, and WhatsApp Plus for iPhone: The Tricky Truth

whatsapp plus v10

In this article we will show you this incredible trick that only WhatsApp Plus v10 offers.

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial alternative that is quite popular today and the reason is very simple: it has many more features than the original version of the messaging application, despite its risks.

Many of today’s users prefer to use WhatsApp Plus v10 or above in order to have access to tools that are not available in the official version. Although it is true that both are similar, the APK app has many more alternatives that make it more functional and attractive.

For example, both platforms allow their users to see the number of people who have seen their status, but the Plus version also allows them to know how many times a user has seen that status.

Knowing how many times someone has seen our status is not possible, but with WhatsApp Plus v10, it is. Knowing how to do it is a simple task and this time we will explain it to you.

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How-to-install-WhatsApp-Plus v10-on-iPhone

How to know how many times a contact has seen my status with WhatsApp Plus v10

To find out, the process is similar to what is done in normal WhatsApp when entering your status. When you tap on the Status > My Status section, you’ll see an eye icon with a number (contacts who saw your post) appear from the bottom of the app .

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Although this number indicates the number of people who have seen what you have published, in the event that you have WhatsApp Plus v10, you will have the possibility of touching the “Seen” button so that the exact number of times the contact viewed your status is displayed.

Obviously, this is a function that you can only use with WhatsApp Plus v10 and above, and that your other contact also has it, otherwise it cannot be done with the official version of WhatsApp.

You can download whatsapp plus v10 and above here.

whatsapp plus iphone

What is WhatsApp plus for iPhone? WhatsApp Plus for iphone will help those users who like to design and customize with their apps. It offers extensive customization features and you change themes, fonts, colors and similar stuffs in the app. It’s also useful to be able to hide your profile picture from some contacts.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus in iPhone?

  1. Download the IPA file of Whatsapp Plus which is given below.
  2. Attach Cable to your mobile and connect this with PC/Macbook.
  3. Open Cydia Impactor.
  4. Now Drop the downloaded IPA file into Cydia Impactor.
  5. Submit the Apple ID.
  6. Tap the “Trust” button.
  7. Installation is Done.

You can Download and install whatsapp plus for iphone by downloading and following the instructions here.

Discover 9 New Features Available

Accordingto a leak from Amicohoops, Posted By: Arzu Daniel, In the coming weeks, these new features and tricks will be available worldwide on WhatsApp

1. New interface for voice calls

The last to come on WhatsApp will be the new interface for voice calls. Also, when information is leaked, developers find people adding voice notes to team call participants.

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2. Contact Info Search Shortcut

WhatsApp will add a search area next to the video call info area, which will generate a search summary in the area called ‘Contact Info’. It also works to detect messages you have sent or received through this process.

3. WhatsApp Web receives two-step verification

On the web and mobile versions of WhatsApp, the verification option is available Two steps; This will act as an option to protect your account.

It is important to note that the pin code checks two different steps with the six digit code we receive via SMS or call.

4. Communities on WhatsApp

In this new WhatsApp update, communities can be created within groups, i.e. members can create different channels on different topics like the Discord channel.

5. Determine who can see your WhatsApp status

Although WhatsApp allows you to ‘block’ certain states for your contacts, now the privacy function allows you to choose which contacts will not view your stories. This feature is common is whatsapp plus v10 or similar versions.


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