YouTube to MP3, Use These 5 Totally Free Online Tools


Converting YouTube to MP3 has never been simpler. For this, scroll down to discover video converters and online YouTube to MP3 converters that simplify the process.

Converting Youtube to MP3

Converting a YouTube video to MP3 format is something much simpler than it seems, since, despite what you may think, you don’t even need to install new software on your computer, you just have to access a YouTube to MP3 converter platform online.

These are websites where, by putting the link of the YouTube video you want, it can convert it to mp3 and you can download an MP3 file of that video to enjoy its audio, something that will surely come in handy for many users. 

Although the same result can also be achieved if you operate a YouTube Premium account. Below you will see a compilation of the 5 best YouTube to MP3 converters that you can use online, without the need to download any type of software on your computer or mobile phone. 

5 best YouTube to MP3 converters that you can use

Before starting, you have to know that not all the videos and audios that are published on YouTube have the same visual and sound quality, keep this in mind when downloading so that you get the best possible quality.

1. Any Video Converter Free

YouTube To MP3

The first option is Any Video Converter, a simple converter, with a sober design and in which you can even choose the output format of the videos you download, having options such as MP3 HD, FLV or even MP4 HD. So you can also download the full video if you wish.

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On top of this, the download and conversion process doesn’t take long, and you will have your files ready in no time, which makes it easy to download multiple videos in no time.

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2. 4K YouTube to MP3

4k Youtube to MP3, as was the case with Any Video Converter, allows you to select the output format of the file, although in this case only the MP3 and MP4 options are available. 

Still does its job well and does it pretty quickly. All you have to do is put the video url in question for it to recognize it and give you the option to download it in MP3. Of course, you must bear in mind that advertising will skip when you hit the download button.


  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • Quick and easy conversion.
  • Supports all file formats.
  • Upload your videos or audio to the cloud.

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3. OnlineVideoConverter

Online Video Converter, allows you to select the output format of the file, although in this case only the MP3 and MP4 options are available. Enough to have an audio alternative and a video alternative.

When you enter the URL in the search box, the YouTube to MP4 converter returns the title of the video along with the download button that you must use to download the file to your device.


  • Fully compatible with the latest web browsers.
  • Super fast conversions.
  • No registration is required.
  • Supports links from most video websites.
  • No limit on conversions or downloads.
  • No need to install or download any software.
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4. Y2Meta

Perhaps the best alternative when it comes to converting YouTube videos to MP3, since it not only allows you to select what the output format should be between MP3 and MP4 but also allows you to select the bit rate and resolution, respectively. 

This results in greater decision-making power regarding the quality with which you download the content, and is a clear advantage for the user who can choose a format that takes up little space or, on the contrary, one that provides the highest quality possible.

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5. OSF

Finally, this simple converter will allow you to download videos in MP3 format just by putting the URL in the search box. Simple and uncomplicated, you won’t have to choose between different audio formats.

In addition, this website is capable of downloading videos from sites other than YouTube, which, yes, the page does not specify.

Unfortunately, you have to sign up first before you can use this platform to convert youtube to MP3.

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What is your favorite Youtube to Mp3 Converter? Would you add any more to the list?

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