Zabira Sign Up: How To Register & Trade Bitcoin On Zabira

Looking for a place to trade digital assets such as Bitcoins and gift cards? Look no further. Simply fill out and submit the Zabira signup form to start trading, gift cards, bitcoin, airtime, add data and pay bills.

Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies in 2012, significant price increases over the years have led to more and more people entering the blockchain industry.

Many people believe that through the world of cryptocurrencies he will become a millionaire or millionaire in more than two years.

Nigerians are not shut out of the industry. As the saying goes. “Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future.” However, earlier this year, the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN immediately restricted the use of digital currencies in the country.

However, this does not mean that Nigerians cannot participate in digital currency trading. This is done through a transaction type called “P2P”, now fully known as peer-to-peer.

Nigerians are still heavily involved in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto trading site; Binance has released data claiming that most people engaged in the cryptocurrency market are Nigerians. And most of his clients are Nigerians.

This shows how well Nigerians are doing in a growing industry. Some Nigerians own digital assets such as bitcoin and gift him cards, which Zabira allows them to easily exchange for money to conduct day-to-day transactions.

About Zabira

Zabira app allows users to make financial transactions using digital currency or assets. Digital assets can be coins or cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, gift cards, and can be used to buy airtime, replenish data, and even pay bills.

Dubbed the Grandmaster of Instant Payments, Zabira is the first and most trusted automated cryptocurrency platform that converts currencies such as Bitcoin and gift cards directly into cash in local bank accounts in Nigeria.

Zabira, formerly known as IzikjonLogin, is Nigeria’s leading world-class financial technology platform. It’s been over a year.

Digital assets to trade on Zabira

Zabira allows you to trade all kinds of gift cards, including:

  • Amazon voucher
  • eBay voucher
  • Google Play Store Gift Card
  • Apple Play Store Gift Card

Other gift cards are also available. Receive money directly into your local bank account without wasting time.

Now that you know what Zabira is all about, let’s take a look at the Zabira signup process and how to create an account for your digital assets.

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Zabira app

The Zara App is the basis for using the Zabira Platform. However, this depends on the device you use to access the Zabira platform. Zafira apk download is for phones and not suitable for laptops and desktops.

You can easily download the app in app format by searching “Zabira apk download” on Google. However, you have to manually install the app instead.

To avoid this, you can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Click Install and after a few moments the Zabira app will be installed on your phone

Zabira Sign Up

To create an account on the Zabira Nigeria platform is a very simple procedure.

Despite a financial technology platform, Zabira does not charge a dime for all people who are interested in signing up and old users who might be interested in creating another Zabira account for some reasons despite already having a Zabira account.

To create an account at you will be required to provide all of the following:

  • Enter your A valid Email address
  • Enter your Name
  • Put in your preferred Username
  • Select your Gender
  • Select your Address
  • Select your Date of birth
  • Create your Password
  • Put in your Phone number
  • Click on sign up

You are to correctly fill in all this information as Zabira won’t be responsible for an error if any of the details you gave is wrong.

You are also advised to thoroughly go through the Zabira terms and conditions before completing the signup.

After you are done with all the Zabira sign-up procedures, an electronic mail (Email) message will be sent to the Email address you provided while filling the Zabira sign-up form. Then you need to send the code back to your website.

This helps Zabira’s artificial intelligence (AI) to verify that you are who you say you are and that the e-mail address you provided is valid and accessible.

You can sign up through Zabira’s official website or app. It explains how to get the Zabira app and the steps involved in downloading the Zabira apk.

Now that you have created your Zabira account, you need to log into the account you just created. This will be explained in the next section.

Zabira login

Like Zabira registration, Zabira login is a very easy process. Before that, you’ll need to fill out and submit a form and send your e-mail address a one-time password (OTP) that you’ll use to verify your e-mail address.

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However, you will also be assigned a one-time password to verify your phone number. The same rules apply here as when verifying email addresses.

There are two ways to log in to your Zabira account. One must use an email address and the other must use a phone number.

However, both require you to enter the password you used to register your Zabira account.

Once Zabira is logged in, you can start trading. You can continue to secure your Zabira account by adding two-factor authentication. However, this is mostly done with the Zabira app.

Zabira account verification

You can check your account by logging into your Zabira account.

The documents required to verify your Zabira account are:

  • Proof of residence (utility bill or bank statement)
  • Identification (ID card and passport)
  • Once you’re done here, you can add your account number to make your first deposit and receive withdrawals.

Zabira rate

Zafira charges very low fees for its transactions. I usually change N550 for 1-10000000 BTC transactions.

You can buy it. There, you can buy calling or data packages and pay for TV subscriptions at even lower rates without looking for an agent. Zabira users can check the rates that Zabira charges for their transactions by following these steps:

  • Click on the top left navigation bar. Before we can do this, we first need to go to the Dashboard.
  • Click menu bar
  • Now you can see the rate Zabira charges for all your transactions.

Zabira is transparent and has no hidden costs. All fees are published when you visit the Platform Fees section.

How to send bitcoins with Zabira Wallet

Sending Bitcoins with Zabira Wallet is very easy. All that is required to properly receive bitcoins is the recipient barcode or recipient bitcoin address. To send Bitcoin, scan the recipient’s barcode or paste the recipient’s Bitcoin address. Select the amount of Bitcoin to send.

To send bitcoin from Zabira app or his website, you need to make sure you have the following available:

  • Enough bitcoins in your wallet
  • Recipient’s bitcoin wallet address
  • A barcode is also useful if you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet address to post to. To send bitcoins, you need to follow the steps below.
  • Click Send Bitcoin
  • Scan the recipient’s barcode or paste his Bitcoin wallet address.
  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin you need to transfer.
  • Click Submit

Recipients receive Bitcoin wherever they are. With the recipient’s consent, it can be used to pay for goods and services.

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