Crewdle Review: Earn $1 For Every Sign Up On

What is a crewdle? is just a video conferencing app, like Zoom and Google Meet. With this platform you can host video conferences and video conferences with friends, business her partners, clients or any kind.

Apart from video conferencing, Crewdle also offers a referral program, where he pays $1 for each person an affiliate marketer refers to register on the platform.

As a business person, video conferencing is always inevitable on business trips. At times, you may need to interact virtually with your employees and colleagues.

And as a mentor/teacher, digital marker, or online tutor, video conferencing is one of the best ways to interact with your students.

In fact, video conferencing is often very important at all times and crewdle has everything you need to get the best results.

How to use Crewdle for video conferencing

To use Crewdle effectively, you need to understand the capabilities of the platform. Last but not least, Crewdle doesn’t have a mobile app.

There is no Crewdle app in the App Store or Play Store. All are posted on the Crewdle website

Features of crewdle

Most of Crewdle’s features are very similar to Zoom and Google Meet. Therefore, if you are familiar with Zoom or Google Meet, I think it will not be difficult to use Crewdle for video conferencing. Let’s take a look at some of Crewdle’s features and how to use them.

1. Online meeting

Crewdle’s main feature is online conferencing. To do this in Crewdle, you need to create an in-person meeting or conference room.

However, you may be able to start a video conference in Crewdle only if you are logged into the platform. Click this link to log into the platform.

2. Meeting room personal ID

To host a video meeting with Crewdle, you need a personal meeting ID that you can share with meeting participants.

There is no specific process for creating a personal Crewdle ID for your meeting room. Your Personal ID is like a link that is automatically generated when you create a meeting room.

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A short link is automatically generated each time you create a meeting room. This is your meeting ID. All you have to do is share it with the people attending the meeting.

As soon as participants click this link, they will be taken to the meeting room hosting the video conference.

3. Record your video conference

Most likely, you or the participants forgot some important things that were discussed during the video conference. The best way to avoid this is to record the video conference during the call.

Just like Zoom and Google Meet, Crewdle allows you to record everything you say during a video meeting. This can be very important, especially for reference purposes.

No need to store recorded video meetings on your phone or computer storage. Local storage may decrease. Simply share your recording with your participants so they can stream at any time.

4. Screen sharing

This is especially important when creating presentations and tutorials. Attendees always need to see the screen of the presentation to better understand what is being presented.

Crewdle has this feature, as do Zoom and Google Meet. This Crewdle feature allows you to show attendees what you see on your screen.

5. Chat room

During a video conference, participants may want to chat or leave messages for the host or other participants.

This Crewdle feature is only available during a meeting and allows users to interact with each other and share content.

6. Watch Party

Watch Parties are another great feature available on This Crewdle feature allows you and other members of your group to watch shows and series online.

They are all streamed at the same time, and you can even use the chat feature to interact with each other while streaming.

7. Remote control

Remote Control is another of her Crewdle features that allows you to pass control to another participant in the meeting. This feature is especially useful when giving presentations to others.

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You can also use the remote control feature to mute participants, add them to your whitelist, or remove them from the meeting.

Crewdle Sign up

Whether you just want to use Crewdle for video conferencing or want to register as an affiliate and start earning on the platform, you need to sign up first.

In the next section I will show you how to register as an affiliate with Crewdle and earn at least $1 for each referral.

So to sign up, follow these steps:

  • Click here to visit the Crewdle sign up page. Click the bold sign up button on the Crewdle sign up page.
  • On the Crewdle registration form, enter the correct details as required.
  • Click Submit
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. Open your Gmail account and click the link to check your email.
  • You can now log into your Crewdle account and start hosting video meetings.

Crewdle Pricing

Crewdle lets you host video meetings for free, so the free plan features are still limited.

Let’s take a look at Crewdle’s free and paid plans.

1. Basic (free plan)

With Crewdle’s free plan, you don’t have to pay a single cent before using the plan’s features. It’s completely free.


  • up to 30 people
  • session time
  • 45 minutes only
  • Personal ID room
  • split screen
  • watch party
  • Room security parameters
  • Remote controller
  • live broadcast
2. Standard (paid plan)

With the standard Crewdle plan, you have to pay a $4 monthly subscription fee to be able to use all features of the package.


  • All the benefits of Basic, plus:
  • up to 30 people
  • Unlimited session duration
  • unlimited users
  • User management
  • record a meeting

How to Join the Crewdle Affiliate Program

One thing you should know is that you cannot find the Crewdle Affiliate Program on the official website. Even after signing up for Crewdle, you can’t join the affiliate program because you can only video conference.

To earn money with Crewdle, you must be registered and approved for our affiliate program. In most cases, Crewdle will reject individual requests for one reason or another.

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