Spocket Review: Is Spocket Dropshipping Legit Or Scam?

What is a Spocket?

Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace popular with 60,000 entrepreneurs and ecommerce sellers. The company aims to eliminate the fear of lost sales due to out-of-stocks by offering attractive discounts on excess inventory.

Spocket works with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers around the world, so you can easily interact with them to buy items and resell them in your ecommerce store.

Spocket has a huge marketplace with thousands of unique and premium products. Here you can search for products in different categories or search for specific suppliers in your area to negotiate an order or price.

You can also order sample items from different suppliers to check the quality of their products. When you are satisfied, you can publish your product to your online store.

How does Spocket work?

Spocket works like any other dropshipping platform. Integrated with top e-commerce platforms, online store owners can find ready-made products for resale from their respective e-commerce platforms.

Generally, you don’t need to manage inventory to keep your products in stock. You can easily find relevant product suppliers who are responsible for sourcing products and delivering products to your customer’s doorstep.

Simply select a Spocket product and promote it in your online store.

When a customer places an order from your store, the order is routed to your supplier who handles the order fulfillment process.

This way you create a revenue stream as an intermediary and make a decent profit margin without actually storing or shipping the product.

Key Features of Spocket

Here’s an overview of all the key features Spocket offers.


Spocket marks product categories as unique or premium on the platform.

Proprietary products are products that are not officially certified. Basically, these products are the result of a lazy listing by new suppliers. Premium products, on the other hand, are listed by major providers.

These articles have a BSR tag (Best Seller Rank) and are heavily discounted. Select products offer discounts of up to 60% on bulk orders.

Spocket has 18 main product categories. Some products that do not fall under the “unique” or “premium” product categories will eventually be banned.

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Spocket allows you to sell up to 10,000 products at once. Once you reach 500 orders, you can increase this limit.


Spocket’s catalog includes over one million products, most of which relate to European and American originals. Despite the small number of suppliers, the catalog boasts an impressive number of products.

Search for products using Spocket’s intuitive search box. Here you can narrow your search by price, keywords, destination and shipping address.

You can also search for top suppliers, premium products and best sellers in different regions.


Spocket has a network of over 2,000 suppliers in various geographies. There are no setup fees or commissions on earnings from suppliers.

Spocket only requires suppliers to sell products at a price that is at least 25% below the standard price. This gives online retailers leeway to set reasonable markups for reselling these products.

Over 80% of Spocket’s suppliers are based in Europe or the US. For ease of access in different regions, Spocket offers partnerships from anywhere in the world.

Luckily, you can also integrate Spocket with Alibaba. On Alibaba, in China he can find 150,000 suppliers, in this way he can cover most of Asia for dropshipping.

Product procurement

Dropshipping stores don’t necessarily need to source products unless they need to manage physical store inventory. If you are a local citizen residing in the US or Europe, you can contact the supplier to have the product in stock.

Chat directly with your suppliers using Spocket’s Direct Supplier Messaging feature. Not every supplier chooses to interact directly with the seller on her Spocket.

However, those who can chat will reply to her messages within 24 hours. You have to pay an additional $5.99 per month to use the messaging feature.

Only a few providers can create branded invoices. Take this opportunity to advertise your business under your brand name.

You can place your logo, contact number, email address, and personalized message on your order package.


Well, you don’t have to manage inventory at your dropshipping store. When talking about supplier inventory, Spocket only works with suppliers who are fully transparent about their featured product inventory.

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Spocket lets you see all your product inventory and how many are still in stock. Inventory updates in real-time so you can quickly select items before they run out.

Spocket will automatically remove a supplier’s listing if the supplier has not listed a product for a long period of time.

Cross-platform software

First of all, Spocket is a web-based app, so you only need a browser (Chrome or Firefox) to use its features. You don’t need to download or install a desktop app to access your Spocket catalog.

All you need is a decent internet connection, and you can access it directly from the store’s dashboard.

Spocket also offers fully functional Android and iOS apps. You can now import products directly from your smart device to complete your online store orders.

Delivery time

Spocket does not mandate specific delivery times next to products listed, but suppliers who list their products do.

Spocket maintains its reputation for not mentioning shipping times, as it can hurt your business if your order doesn’t ship within the specified time.

However, the company will instruct the supplier to process the order within the deadline specified in the application. If the order cannot be repeatedly shipped in time, it will be deleted immediately.


Shipping costs, as well as delivery times, are controlled by his Spocket supplier. However, Spocket sets some standards for its suppliers.

Suppliers cannot set prices higher than their own retailers and must offer the store owner at least his 25% discount. import

Spocket only allows you to import one product at a time. The company wants to have store owners check all the details before putting an item on the market, as different items have different shipping rates and return policies.

After importing one product at a time, you can list another product. You can also filter the list using keywords, descriptions, and tags.

Is Spocket Legit?

Yes, spocket is very legit


Spocket is a very legit platform and open to all retailers, including Indians. The main feature that makes it better than any other dropshipping platform is the ability to integrate Shopify and Woocommerce.

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