5 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Adkeeps.com

About AdKeeps

Adkeeps is a URL shortening company that pays registered members to shorten long and complex URLs easily. Adkeeps was known as Gainurl until 2019 when they decided to change their name to Adkeeps.

It’s similar to sites like Bitly, with the difference that Adkeeps allows you to run other tbings and get paid. As mentioned above, Adkeeps not only pays for shortening URL links, but also for other tasks such as promoting videos.

How AdKeeps works

Adkeeps is a unique platform and works like any other URL shortening service. Making big money with Adkeeps takes a little patience, but I believe that if you follow the process, you can make big money with Adkeeps.

Adkeeps offers accounts that allow users to view more sponsored ads and share them on their social media accounts, providing greater revenue opportunities.

The Easiest way to make money with Adkeeps

There are several easy ways to make money off Adkeeps without actually violating Adkeeps policy. Below are the 5 easiest ways to make money from Adkeeps.

1. Promote your video

Adkeeps registered members can now earn rewards for promoting their videos. Payouts are typically low, but Adkeeps will pay you when you promote your videos on social media and people watch them.

There is no need to spam your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account as Adkeeps may ban your account. Payments for promoting Adkeepa videos range from a few cents to a few dollars.

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2. Bank transfer

Referrals have become a very lucrative way to earn money from Adkeeps. Adkeeps pays for every referral.

3. Promote your app

Just like promoting your videos, promoting your app with Adkeeps is also a profitable task. App developers typically need people who can test their apps and provide candid feedback on their speed, UI, and even functionality.

That’s why they partner with his Adkeeps.com. Adkeeps.com helps find people to test his app on mobile while providing candid feedback. That’s why adkeeps pays registered members to test their apps and introduce them to others.

4. Clicks on shortened URLs

Probably the most important idea I support in this article, which aims to explain how to make money from Adkeeps, is to get paid for shortening URLs.

However, it may seem misleading to get paid for URL shortening alone, as Adkeeps pays for not only URL shortening, but also for every click on a URL shortened using Adkeeps.

Many people may not want to click on the link, but you can get them to click on your Adkeep link by posting it on your social media handles like Facebook, WhatsApp, or even Instagram.

5. View ads

Yes, Adkeeps allows you to earn money by watching videos. However, these videos are typically advertisements for companies and top brands to educate people about their products and thereby sell them.

It is primarily used to inform the public about new or recent company releases. It’s easy for Adkeeps to make money by watching video ads, but what seems like a problem is the low revenue per video ad.

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Register on Adkeeps.com

Have you registered with Adkeeps?

Well, you can still earn easily by signing up with Adkeeps.

Learn how to sign up for Adkeeps and start earning.

Proceed as follows:

1. Visit the official Adkeeps website (www.adkeeps.com).

2. Click Create Account

An electronic form will appear asking you to provide the following information:

  •  Email address
  •  Username
  •  Full name
  •  Age
  •  Password

3. Click Submit

4. A verification code will be sent to your email address. You can fill out to verify your Adkeeps account. You must ensure that the information you submit is correct.

Note: Instead of visiting the Adkeeps official website, you can also use the Adkeeps app to log in to Adkeeps.

Adkeeps.com Login

Signing in for adkeeps.com is very easy, just like signing up for adkeeps. Here are the required steps:

1. Visit the official Adkeeps website (www.adkeeps.com) or download the official Adkeeps app.

2. Click sign in

An electronic form will appear on your screen asking you to provide the following information:

  •  Username or email address;
  •  Password
  •  Click Sign In

If all the data you entered is correct, you will be granted access to your Adkeeps account. keep the payment

Withdrawals at Adkeeps are made at the user’s request when the user reaches her Adkeeps payment threshold.

The Adkeeps payout threshold or Adkeeps minimum payout is currently $5. Most Adkeeps users earn an average of $30 per month. Top earners take home about $80 to $100 each month.

Maintain withdrawal method

Adkeeps payment methods are:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • bank payment
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