Discover this 1 smart notebook: You write by hand, it digitizes

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If you are a digital person and need  to have everything in the cloud without giving up paper,  as soon as you discover this smart notebook you will not want to try anything else.

At Thegrandly, we carry out product comparisons and analyzes to help you make the best purchase decision.

In every family and group of friends, there is always one person who is up to date on smart devices and technology and who loves to be the first to try out all the new gadgets that hit the market.

And if you don’t have it among your group, then it’s you!

The notebook in question is called the Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook and the difference is that the pages of this reusable notebook are synthetic and, if you use Pilot FriXion pens, you can erase what you write or draw on them with a slightly damp cloth.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook – Dot-Grid Eco-Friendly Smart Notebook with 1 Pilot Frixion Pen & 1 Microfiber Cloth Included – Infinity Black Cover, Executive Size (6″ x 8.8″), 

Price: $24.98

  • No more wasting paper – this 36 page dotted grid smart notebook can be used endlessly by wiping clean with a damp cloth
  • Blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services like Google drive Dropbox Evernote box OneNote Slack iCloud email and more using the free Rocketbook application for iOS and Android
  • Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen marker or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to our specialized pages
  • Sophisticated AI technology allows you to use Rocketbook’s smart titles smart search and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes
  • Includes 1 Rocketbook Core (formerly known as Everlast) Executive Size (6″ x 8 8″) Smart Notebook 1 Pilot Frixion Pen and 1 Microfiber Cloth Note package may reflect “Everlast”

By deleting them you will not lose everything you had previously written, since you can keep all your annotations, texts and drawings by scanning the pages from the Rocketbook app.

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The notebook includes a ballpoint pen from the Pilot FriXion line with black ink, but if you like to combine colors when writing, you have a wide range available in most stationery stores.

It also includes a microfiber cloth to erase the pages of the notebook when you need it, simply by moistening it.

Things to keep in mind when buying a smart notebook

buying a smart notebook

writing experience

The basis of a smart notebook ordigital notebooks is handwriting, an agile, fast method with which many users feel more comfortable in front of physical or virtual keyboards.

The ideal in an intelligent digital notebook is that it allows us to write as we would on paper and that our strokes are faithfully reproduced in the digital file.


One of the advantages of a smart digital notebook is that it can be reused. Or what is the same, that we are not going to wear out as fast as it happens with the notebooks of a lifetime.

As it also consists of several pages, we can annotate content, digitize it or not and then return to them to continue working.

In this sense, it is desirable to be able to delete the pages easily and quickly.


Many people carry a notebook in their purse, backpack, or even a pocket to take notes when the light bulb goes on. In these cases size is important.

If, on the other hand, its natural space is your desktop, you probably don’t mind gaining a few more centimeters in favor of larger pages.

When choosing an intelligent digital notebook for its size, we can find from the format used for traditional notebooks, being possible to find them in A4 size (the classic folio), A5 (half of a Din-A4, usual in brochures).

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Although to a lesser extent, they are also marketed diagonally in a similar way to electronic books or tablets. Thus, there are also 6-inch models.


Digital Smart notebook is truly connected digital notebooks.

Thus, the usual thing is to find models with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that are synchronized with an application, upload the content of your notes to a cloud or something like that.

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