3 Easiest ways to make money on Swagbuck

If you’re unfamiliar with Swagbucks or rewards sites in general, here’s a quick introduction.

These sites allow you to earn money from various online activities. Common methods include shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos, and signing up for deals.

Also, these sites are free to users, but make no mistake:
The business they run also makes money.

To highlight the example, a market research firm pays her Swagbucks for a user to answer a survey. In return, Swagbucks will pay users a percentage of that amount for completing this survey.

Swagbucks pays in points called SB. Then redeem your SB for gift cards at stores like Amazon or use it to get cash through PayPal. Each SB is worth about 1 cent.

There are many other rewards sites like Swagbucks, but few compare in terms of size, popularity, and reputation. In fact, since its inception in 2008, Swagbucks has paid members more than $450 million in compensation.

3 Best Ways to Earn Money on Swagbucks Fast

1. Sign-up bonus

To earn SBs quickly, signing up for various services takes place in his second very close behind Money Makers.

Most of these signup bonuses are for financial services.

For example, the current offer lets you earn SB by signing up for Chime (a free online bank account), Rocket Money (a budget tracker with other savings tools), and Acorns (a small investment app).

The advantage here is that unlike money makers, you usually don’t have to pay upfront. There are always good opportunities here. For example, Chime Bank currently has a 15,000 SB ($150) offer to create an account and set up direct deposit.

Yes, these offers take time. Not only do you have to register, but sometimes you have to move money. But on an hourly basis, your income is pretty high. Example case:

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Recently, it took him an hour for his members of the TWTW team to sign up for some of these offers, winning his SB worth $240.

2. Over 200 SB surveys

The great thing about surveys is that they usually pay you right away.

With the above ideas, it may take days or weeks for SB to show up in his Swagbucks account.

However, with surveys, you can sign up now, take surveys, and see your account points instantly afterwards.

The downside is that you can’t make a lot of money from surveys. We talked about making $240 worth of SBs in just one hour of work, but surveys can’t do that.

The first thing to know about surveys is that they are not all the same.

It turns out that the highest votes are those worth more than 200 SB.

These options are limited. However, if you’re trying to earn more than minimum wage by answering surveys, it’s best to follow suit.

To find the best paid surveys, head over to Swagbucks’ Answers section and look for the surveys that pay the most in the shortest amount of time.

3. In-store benefits

In-store trading is a new Swagbucks feature. Also, looking at the current offers represents a great opportunity to earn money from your daily purchases.

And there are even some money-making opportunities in SB where you can actually earn more than (or very close to) the item’s cost, like the online money-making discussed earlier in this article.

To find the best deals, go to the deals section in-store and sort by cash back amount. This will give you a list of offers with the greatest potential.

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From there, try to find something you’ve already wanted to buy. Here are some of the highest paying offers at the time of writing.

From there, you’ll need to upload your receipts to Swagbucks (this is where his Swagbucks app, available for both Android and iOS devices, comes in handy).

Things to avoid in Swagbucks

There are many other ways to earn money with Swagbucks at any time.

But in our tests, very few consistently made above minimum wage.

In other words, it’s better to invest time in a legitimate side job than spend hours trying to make a few bucks.

Here are some other common ways to make money:

  • watch the video. If you like watching videos and watch it anyway, you can get some points here and there. Don’t expect to make a lot.
  • play games. Just like watching videos, you can earn SB for the time spent on activities. But it is a very low hourly wage job.
  • daily voting. You can only get 1 SB for completing daily surveys. Yes, just a few clicks. However, doing this every day for a year would max him out at $3.65.
  • Swagbucks search engine. Personally, Google is much better (because it’s much faster and gives better results). But other than that, there is a maximum amount you can earn in a day (around 50 SB), and you’ll have to do dozens of searches to reach that amount.
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