Best Air Conditioner in Nigeria & Prices of Air Conditioner in Nigeria 2022

best air conditioner in nigeria

This post will review the best air conditioner in Nigeria and the prices of air conditioners in Nigeria. These days air conditioners are no longer a luxury but a necessity; balancing your body temperature is very important these days for you to function effectively. 

So, the easiest method to maintain a good body temperature is by using an air conditioner to maintain a good room temperature. Here in Nigeria, the temperature can be very unpredictable and that is why many have embraced or adopted the use of air conditioners. 

Indoor air quality is directly involved in our well-being, and the inability to regulate air quality inside a home can cause problems like headache cough eye irritation, and different allergic reactions that can sometimes be life-threatening. Having a quality air conditioner in your home can also help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

best air conditioner in nigeria

Best Air Conditioner in Nigeria and Price of AC In Nigeria

Let’s take a look at the price of products that are considered the best air conditioner in Nigeria.

In recent times, prices of air conditioners in Nigeria have gone high due to high demand. So, it is essential to consider the prices of different air conditioners available in the market.

The most popular type of air conditioners in Nigeria are the window split, wall, and standing split AC.

I will advise against buying your air conditioner from Jumia or Konga to avoid going through a lot of paper works in the scenario that the AC is faulty. Buying from reputable AC vendors or from the warehouse of popular brands like Samsung, Haier thermocool, LG, or Panasonic is recommended.

Best Air Conditioner in Nigeria, and their prices

LG Air Conditioners

Although LG products are quite expensive, they are also known for being top in quality and durability. Their products are among the best air conditioner in Nigeria and their air conditioner is designed with superior technology and is also very stylish. Using Lg AC, especially the standing ones can add to the aesthetics of your home or office.

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LG-ac prices

Key Features:

  • Split, Standing or Ceiling AC
  • 2-way Auto Swing
  • Jet Cool
  • Anti-bacteria Filter
  • Auto-Restart
  • 7-Hour Off Setting Time

Price of LG AC in Nigeria

We are going to break down the price of LG AC in Nigeria according to type.

Price of LG split AC in Nigeria

let us take a look at the current prices of some LG split unit air condition models in Nigeria.

  • LG Gencool inverter split AC 1 HP: N130,000 to N170,000.
  • LG Gencool inverter split AC 1.5HP is between 150,000 to N190,000
  • LG Gencool inverter split AC 2HP ranges between N180,000 to 300,000.
  • LG Gencool inverter split AC 2.5HP price is between N320,000 to N350,000
  • The Lg Jet Cool Split Unit AC 1HP is between N100,000 to N120,000

Price of LG Standing AC in Nigeria

  • LG floor standing AC 2HP is N350,000 to N500,000
  • LG floor standing AC  3HP is between N500,000 to N700,000
  • LG floor standing AC  5HP is between N850,000 to N1m
  • LG floor standing AC  10HP is between N2.5m to N3m

Price of LG Ceiling Cassette AC in Nigeria

  • LG Ceiling cassette AC 2HP is N400,000 to 450,000
  • LG Ceiling cassette AC 3HP is between N520,000 to N550,000
  • LG Ceiling cassette AC 5HP is between N1.2m to N1.3m
  • LG Ceiling cassette AC 5.5HP is between N1.25m to N1.35m

Panasonic Air Conditioner

Panasonic AC is another well-respected name in the area of best air conditioner in Nigeria. This air conditioner comes with an in-built air purifying system that improves air quality in a home and ensures the enclosed space is left fresh.

Key Features:

  • In-built air purifying system
  • Airflow Direction Control (Up & Down)
  • 55’C Ambient Cooling
  • Econavi Mono Sensor

Price of Panasonic AC in Nigeria

  • Panasonic split AC 1HP is n155,000 to N210,000
  • Panasonic split AC 1.5HP is N160,000 to N300,000
  • Panasonic split AC 2HP is N190,000 to N310,000
  • Panasonic split AC 2.5HP is N320,000 to N350,000
  • Panasonic ionized AC 1HP is between N180k to N200k
  • Panasonic Standing split AC 2HP is N390k to N440k
  • Panasonic Standing split AC 3HP is N480k to 600k
  • Panasonic Standing split AC 5HP is between N720k to N950k
  • Panasonic ceiling AC 2HP is N450k to N500k
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Haier Thermocool

Haier Thermocool is leading as a top or one of the top brands on this list of best air conditioner in Nigeria. The company has been providing quality solutions to home appliance needs, and their air conditioner and refrigerators are one of the first brands I will consider or recommend because of their reliability and durability. Their products also come with a warranty and their customer service even after the purchase is good.

Key Features:  

  • 100% Copper Condenser
  • Turbo Plus Cooling
  • In-Built Voltage Protection
  • Odour Neutraliser
  • Healthy Dehumidification
  • Healthy Intelligent Air Function

Prices of Haier Thermocool AC in Nigeria

  • Haier Thermocool Standing AC 2HP is between N380k to N400k
  • Haier Thermocool Standing AC 3HP is between N500k to N600k
  • Haier Thermocool Standing AC 5HP is between N650k to N950k
  • Haier Thermocool Standing AC 10HP is between N1.5m to N2.5m

 Hisense Split Air Conditioner

Hisense is a tested and proven brand that continues to provide superior quality products at reasonable prices. Their AC product is designed to make cleaning and maintenance after purchase very easy so as to preserve the lifespan of the air conditioner; no wonder they deserve to be considered among the best air conditioner in Nigeria.

Most of their AC is designed in such a way that it allows for more intake of air and dispels it in such a way that it is evenly distributed through the room. Hisense AC price in Nigeria can range from N91k to N500k, depending on the model and features you are buying.

Key Features:

  • Triple Protect System
  • Built-in voltage stabilizer
  • Anti-corrosive coating
  • Optimized refrigerant flow
  • Smart Installation for self-diagnosis
  • Improved width and outlet

5. Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1.0 H.P AR09JCFSAWK

Samsung is a known playmaker in producing top-notch electronics that are top when it comes to quality and efficiency. Samsung products are among the best air conditioner in Nigeria and cool the room evenly and many customers have given positive reviews and testimonies about it. Their AC price ranges from N130k to N500k or more, depending on the model.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner

Key Features:

  • Triangle Design
  • Easy Filter
  • 2-Step Cooling
  • Triple Protect Smart
  • 1HP
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