How much is Opay POS machine (Opay POS price 2023)

The primary goal of an OPay POS operator or agent is to provide financial services to the communities in which they live or operate.

Opay agents help community members minimize or eliminate the need to visit a bank branch or ATM.

By using point-of-sale (POS) devices, OPay agents can help people deposit and withdraw money, pay bills, and make local wire transfers.

Opay, also known as Paycom, is a mobile money service licensed by CBN.

Opay provides free POS for your business when you become an OPay merchant, offers low fees for all transactions, and helps you generate revenue by helping people make financial transactions for a fee.

What is an OPAY POS Machine?

OPAY is a cloud-based platform that enables merchants to manage and accept mobile payments. It is a fully integrated system that makes inventory management and checkout simple.

By using mobile devices to personalize the client experience, it enables businesses to increase sales and profits through clever technology and automation features. All sizes of retailers can use OPAY.

Whether you have a single retail store or franchise stores around the world, you can benefit from using the OPAY POS system. OPAY is a proven technology that has been tested and proven in the market. A proven and reliable solution.

The system can be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements of different companies. OPAY works on any device connected to the internet. It can be a PC or laptop, a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), or an interactive kiosk.

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Why should you choose OPay POS machines in the first place?

Reasons to choose OPay POS machines in Nigeria are:

  • Opay POS is more portable, functional and durable than his regular POS.
  • With this POS, you can perform financial transactions such as checkouts, withdrawals, deposits, adding minutes/data, paying bills, and other mobile banking services.
  • Receive instant statements of all transactions made on your POS device.

OPay POS Machine Price in Nigeria

The price of Opay POS machine is 0 Yen. POS machines are provided free of charge to authorized merchants.

However, there is a catch (isn’t there always one?), Opay claims that once the POS application is approved, he must have a deposit of Naira 20,000 available in his OPay wallet.

After that, the deposit fee will take effect (the deposit will be deducted from your wallet).

This N20,000 of him will be refunded when an Opay representative returns his POS device to the company. Moving on to the meat of the core:

How to get an Opay POS machine.  I will show you how to become an Opay Merchant/Agency and start his POS business in Nigeria or provide real-time money transfer service to his customers.

How To Get OPay POS Machines In Nigeria

To get OPay POS machines in Nigeria and become an OPay agent or dealer with free POS machines, follow these steps:

Step 1. You need an OPay account. If you don’t have it, you can easily get one. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download OPay. Then follow the prompts to register your Opay account.

Step 2. After setting up your Opay account, please email to request the OPay Merchant Registration Form or complete the form here.

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Step 3. To complete your Opay POS merchant registration, you will need the following documents: Bank Verification Number (BVN), utility bill or other bill issued

no more than 3 months prior to his dealership registration proving address, copy of national ID card, driver’s license or international passport, Passport photo.

Opay POS Fees

At Opay, we strive to provide maximum convenience and flexibility when it comes to payment solutions. With our Mini POS solution, our merchants can enjoy a competitive 0.5% per transaction fee.

However, please note that this fee is applicable only after an initial transaction fee of 0.6%. Merchants who upgrade to Preferred Merchant status at Opay can enjoy the reduced 0.5% per transaction fee without any additional charges.

We are proud to offer the most competitive fees in the market and we continuously strive to optimize our services to meet the needs of our merchants.

Opay is committed to providing world-class payment solutions with best-in-class features and services.

Benefits of using OPAY POS Machine

Easy/intuitive to use: The OPAY POS system is designed for ease of use. You can easily select products from a menu on your computer screen or mobile device, and visually check your customers without entering any information.

The OPAY POS system is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, even for employees with little or no computer experience. The OPAY POS system can be tailored to your specific needs and company requirements.

You can choose the software that best fits your business model and the way your company works. The OPAY POS system is highly scalable. Start with a basic system and upgrade to a more advanced system as your business grows.

OPAY POS system is safe and reliable. A POS system is available when you need it.

The OPAY POS system is flexible. These can be integrated with other software applications your company already uses. Inventory management software and accounting software.

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