Now, Let’s Find The Right Dog Pool For Your Pet

beautiful dog pool

Dogs usually love to take a good dip and play in the water. Especially with the arrival of summer and high temperatures. A dog pool is a perfect object for your pet to have fun. In addition, there are some that are very large so that humans can also use them. This helps us be able to cool off and strengthen ties with our beloved dogs.

A dog pool must be very resistant to possible bites from a playful dog. In addition, it cannot slip, so it is safe for both dogs and men. In this guide, we want to guide you on what an ideal pool for your pet should be like. And why it is a good idea to buy one and use it.


  • A dog pool is very necessary for your pet, especially in the hot months. Dogs have few sweat glands and high temperatures are very bad for them. Being able to access fresh water in summer is very good for a dog.
  • Most dogs love to bathe when they are getting very hot. But if it were not so, you can educate it. After all, whether in a pool or a bathtub, your dog needs a bath to be clean and healthy.
  • When buying a dog pool, you have to pay attention to its size and capacity. Also in the materials, as well as in the system that it offers to drain the water and in the extra accessories that you can buy to make it more useful.

Foldable Pool for Dogs and Cats

This type of pool is made of PVC plastic and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). They weigh around seven kilos. It comes with a drainage hole to be able to remove the water without moving the pool from its place. This type of pool is well-sealed so that water does not escape.

A foldable pool works for all dogs, even those of heavier weight and size. It can be folded flat, folding it into small squares. Making it easy to pack away and store when not in use.

Editorial evaluation: This model can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Being easy to assemble and store, it can be used as a bathtub for pets.

Everything you need to know about a dog pool

For a dog, a pool filled with cool water can be an enormous pleasure on hot days. This is an element that can improve their health and quality of life. Heat exhausts all living beings. While you can get in the shower whenever you want, your dog does not have that option. A pool at your disposal, however, will be a great gift for the dog.

Why do I need a dog pool?

Especially with high temperatures, a dog needs to be able to have access to water in which to cool off. Your dog plays, jumps, goes for a walk in the sun, and requires a place where it can easily temper the heat when needed. If you have a pool at your disposal filled with fresh water, you will be doing them a great favor to improve their quality of life.

use a dog pool to groom your pet
use a dog pool to groom your pet

Above all, with high temperatures, a dog can suffer a lot. While humans have a large number of sweat glands to help us withstand excess heat, dogs have very few. To avoid dangerous heat strokes and other problems, a pool with fresh water will be essential for a dog, especially in summer.

What precautions should I take with my dog ​​before allowing it to use the pool?

If you want your pool to last a long time even if your pet is a naughty dog, certain precautions must be followed. Precautions should also be followed to keep the water clean as long as possible and make it healthy for even you and your family to take a bath.

  • Cut the nails: Even if the pool has resistant material, it is important that the dog’s nails are short so that they do not gradually damage the floor.
  • Deworm your dog: You should do it with or without a pool. But if you want that pool not to be a source of diseases, do it and make it a few weeks before giving the dog access to the pool.
  • Vaccinate your dog: It is very important that it is vaccinated under any circumstances. But if it lacks any vaccine, you should not allow it to enter that water or allow other animals to do so.
  • The first few times it uses the pool, pay close attention to its behavior: If it scratches the pool or bites it, you can scold him. If it bathes without destroying anything around it, give it a pat or treat.
  • Take care that it is comfortable: In addition to being careful about its behavior, the first times your dog uses its pool, try to be attentive. You must make sure that it feels comfortable in the water and enjoys it. If not, take it out of the water and gradually train it to get used to it.
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Can I put chlorine in my dog’s pool?

Of course, Chlorine is recommended for swimming pools. But always control the amount you put in the water. This chemical can eliminate almost all fungi and bacteria that stagnant water can store. But if you add too much chlorine, it can be very harmful to the health of both your pet and your family.

It is recommended, as it happens with humans, that after a bath in a pool with chlorine, the body of the animal is rinsed with fresh water. And so this chemical is removed from the skin. It also helps to dry with a towel after rinsing. Chlorine can damage the animal’s fur and skin, but a good wash afterward eliminates this risk.

What is a heat stroke and how to remedy it with a dog pool?

Dogs are very prone to so-called heat strokes, that is, a sudden rise in their body temperature. High summer temperatures and the fact that a dog has few sweat glands are two very dangerous aspects. It should not be forgotten that there are veterinary studies that have suggested that a dog can die from heat stroke.

When you feel that your dog is panting or breathing much faster than usual, and there are high temperatures, your dog needs to cool down because the heat is making it feel bad. In this case, put it in a shady place. When it starts to cool down, give it water to drink and a place where it can get wet.

How to protect a dog from suffering from the effects of high temperatures?

The heat is really tiring for a dog. In addition to having a pool at your disposal, always have drinking water in a bowl. You can offer a bed created especially for the summer.

Also, the fur helps to create more heat. Cut it and also brush it often to promote the shedding of its fur. You do not want the dog to play in the hottest hours or under the sun. If you go out for a walk during those hours, look for shade. And always give it the opportunity to have a place where it can refresh its body with water, such as a pool.

What do I do if my dog ​​doesn’t want to use the dog pool?

As we have already seen, a swimming pool is very necessary to help a dog beat the heat, but your pet may not like water. Whether you have a pool or not, you must educate it to bathe because it is very necessary that it does so periodically. Not only because of the heat but for its hygiene and health. Follow these steps to get the dog to bathe:

  • When you’re around water, if it is reluctant, bring out its favorite toys and play with them. Get closer to the pool little by little with these objects that the dog likes so much.
  • You can do the same with food.
  • Try somehow to get his paws in the pool. If you do it distracted by one of his favorite activities, he will see it as a pleasant feeling.
  • You must remember that, even if the pool is full and your dog is small, these animals instinctively know how to swim (except for some breeds, as you will see later that have problems doing so). Anyway, first, keep an eye on it.
  • If you see him overwhelmed, take him out of the water so that he does not associate it with bad feelings.
  • If you see that the dog doesn’t like it, reduce the water level. A dog might still hate swimming, but will be comfortable wetting its paws.
  • Don’t force it or it will come to hate the pool. It’s not common for this to happen, but if you can’t get him to like you under any circumstances, it’s best not to push him.
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Can a puppy dog ​​swim in a pool too?

In principle, all dogs can enjoy a swimming pool. As long as you see your dog comfortable and happy with the process. However, only puppies that have already received the first full course of vaccinations and have been dewormed should be allowed in the water.

Now, if you see your dog uncomfortable, don’t force it. It is important that the puppy feels comfortable in the pool. If not, try to bathe it with little water so that it is not afraid of that experience. A baby dog with a phobia of water is only going to be a tricky dog as it gets older. Before you put your pup in the water, ask your vet for a go-ahead.

Can I use the dog pool to bathe it for hygiene?

In addition to serving to play and cool off, you can also use a dog pool to groom your pet. You must bear in mind that, for this, different products are needed than for swimming. If you are going to clean your pet, the water should not have chlorine. And you can use a special dog shampoo.


In order for a pool to fulfill its function and be more comfortable to use, a series of accessories can be added to it, which we will see below. The objective of these accessories is to make the pool more comfortable for your pet to use. Keep it as clean as possible and make it durable. These extra accessories are:

  • Cover: It is good to have some canvas or plastic that covers the pool so the water does not get dirty during the hours or days that you are not using it. If you keep it clean, you will have to use less water to replace it.
  • Entry Ramp: Some dogs may be afraid of jumping off the outside into the water. With one of these ramps, the entrance will be more gradual.
  • Non-slip mat: When the pool is located on a surface that may be slippery when wet, place a non-slip mat larger than its base under it so that those who walk around the pool do not risk falling.
  • Bowl with water: A dog cannot drink pool water because it has chlorine and is harmful to his health. Leave drinking water for your dog on hand.
  • Patch: If any part of the pool is torn, it is common to have patches to put on a useful patch, instead of having to throw the product away and buy a new pool.
  • Hose with drain adapter: A very efficient way to empty pool water is to use a hose with a system that allows water to escape.
  • Treatment plant: Its objective is to keep the water clean and thus not have to empty and refill the pool every so often. It is more convenient for those with large capacities.
  • Net: It is used to remove, manually, leaves, mosquitoes, and other solid elements that dirty the water.


For a dog, it can be a lot of fun to swim and play in the water. If we also take into account the high temperatures that exist during several months of the year, and how damaging the heat can be for a dog, a dog pool with fresh water becomes a necessity. There are dog pools of all sizes and with different materials, more or less resistant.

Also, keep in mind that you and your family can also share the pool with your dog, so you have to always keep it clean and it better be a good size to resist everyone’s weight during those hot days. Always try to make your dog happy and do not force it to swim if you see that the dog is afraid. Train it little by little.

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