Cat Fountain Filter: Everything You Need to Know

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Cat fountain filters are a type of filter used in cat water bowls. These help keep the water clean and fresh for your pet. This can be very important if you have multiple cats or one with sensitive skin. The best filters also remove bad odors from the water. So it doesn’t smell like stagnant water when you fill your pet’s bowl.

Additionally, these filters are designed to keep the water clean and fresh. They remove debris, hair, dirt, and other contaminants from the water before it reaches your cat. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria at the source. Which can cause illness or even death if ingested by the cat.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Cat Fountain Filter

Who Should Use Cat Fountain Filter?

Cat fountain filters are ideal for cats that drink a lot of water. They can be used by any pet owner who wants to keep their pet healthy and hydrated. But they are especially useful for feline owners who have special needs (such as kidney disease).

On the other hand, fountain filters can be used for drinking fountains for other pets, such as dogs or birds. The function of these is to keep the water clean and free of food residues or hair. The contents of a filter help to absorb the sediments that can come in the tap water. Thus, avoid possible infections in the animal due to the consumption of non-drinking water.

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What types of cat fountain filters are there?

There are two types of cat fountain filters. The first is a cotton fiber filter with activated carbon. This component is well known for its action in removing impurities, as well as metals and chlorine that may be present in tap water. It also absorbs bad odors and flavors.

Second, there are filters with activated carbon and ion exchange resin. What this resin does is a job similar to that of activated carbon. Helps in the elimination of agents that make the water undrinkable. In summary, both components perform a similar task, taking care of the water that your pet will consume. Also, there are filters with both components, and that makes them extremely effective.

What should I look for when buying a filter?

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There are a few things to look out for when buying a cat fountain filter. First of all, you must see that it does not contain any component that could be toxic to your pet. The most common and safe components are polyester filters, cotton fibers, or coconut fibers. These do not release lint. On the contrary, they capture and trap lint in the water or the hair that the animal sheds.

Second, but not least, it is better that the filter comes in a pack with several units. Most filters have a shelf life of up to 4 weeks, after which they stop filtering the water. It is necessary that you have more than one filter to change when the time of use passes so that your pet does not consume the water with impurities.

What makes a good filter?

A good cat fountain filter should be easy to change and made of polyester, cotton, or coconut fibers, which do not give off lint that the animal can get stuck on. It is also important that the filter can remove bad odors and tastes from the water, as well as prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your pet’s drinking fountain.

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The best fountains for cats are those with activated carbon or ion exchange resin filters, which will help keep the water fresh and drinkable for longer, as well as eliminate bacteria or other agents that could cause infections in the feline.

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