5 Best Methods To Withdraw Your Earnings From Afrisight.com

What is Afrisight

Afrisight is an online money making platform dedicated to African communities. Community members in Africa are provided with questions for them to answer, and Afrisight pays for the answers.

Afrisight is essentially a survey site similar to Inbox Dollar and other survey response platforms used in other parts of the world.

Afrisight.com improves the lives of people in our community by collecting opinions from them, paying them to provide their candid opinions, and allowing them to contribute based on the opinions they give.

How does Afrisight work?

Like any other research platform in the world, Afrisight.com is no different. Afrisight targets African communities, but other research sites may have international targets outside of Africa.

By fully registering with Afrisight, you will be kept informed of upcoming questions and surveys currently available on the platform.

This is why it is important to add an active email address during Afrisight registration.

This is important if the platform wants to inform you about an investigation or if you are contacted by Afrisight. With Afrisight you can even earn $3 from just one survey.

Afrisight payment methods

Making money with Afrisight.com is a completely different task than withdrawing your earnings. This is usually the main problem most similar platforms usually face.

On most platforms, members find it difficult to withdraw their earnings after working hard on the platform.

That’s why Afrisight makes multiple payment methods available so that members don’t face the challenge of withdrawing their earnings.

The ease with which you can withdraw your Afrisight earnings depends on whether your chosen payment method supports your country or location.

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This is why you should consider the following payment methods to find the best way to withdraw your Afrisight earnings.

1. PayPal

Afrisight registered members can receive payments from the platform through a verified PayPal account. You only need to provide your PayPal address when asked for her preferred PayPal payment method.

2. cash

Afrisight may choose to pay its users through the following payment channels:
Opay, mPesa, Kudi, Wallets Africa and many other payment channels.

3. Airtel

By choosing an Afrisight Airtel payment method, you can convert Afrisight research money directly into airtime or data. Member must provide her valid Airtel phone number during the withdrawal process.

4. Shopping voucher

Some online shopping platforms support Afrisight shopping vouchers. Simply present your Afrisight shopping voucher to shop at these online shopping platforms.

5. Sweepstakes

Winnings on Afrisight are similar to blockchain currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Afrisight Sweepstakes can be used to win cash prizes, gift cards, gadgets and many other things.

Afrisight Sign up

Afrisight’s registration process is very easy. Using your internet-enabled computer or phone, you can easily complete your Afrisight registration without going to a cyber cafe.

Below are the processes required to complete your Afrisight registration.

1. Visit the official Afrisight website at www.Afrisight.com

2. Click Create Account

3. You can click Sign in with Google. However, if you’re not comfortable linking your Gmail account to Afrisight, you can sign up manually.

4. You will be asked to provide the following details

  •  email address
  • Date of birth;
  • Name
  • Username
  • Age
  • Password

5. Select the Gmail account you use to log into Afrisight.

6. After you have to click on your Gmail account, you will be presented with the Afrisight sign-up form with the details you provided when creating your Gmail account. The form needs to be updated. This will fix where the error is.

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7. Click Update

8. An email will be sent to the email address you entered requesting confirmation of your Afrisight account. If everything is ready, congratulations!

9. You have successfully registered Afrisight.

Afrisight login

After registering your account with Afrisight, you must log into Afrisight before you can perform any tasks on the platform.

This is an important factor. Because if you want to answer one of the Afrisight surveys, you will most likely do this compared to the Afrisight registration where you only answered once.

Below are the steps to complete your Afrisight login.

1. Visit Afrisight’s website at www.afrisight.com.

2. Click sign in

3. An electronic form appears on the screen. You will be prompted to enter the following details

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Click sign in

You must ensure that all the information you provide is correct. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your Afrisight account. Also, you will not be able to complete Afrisight surveys without access to your Afrisight account.

Also, if you do not respond to Afrisight surveys, you will not be able to earn money from Afrisight. After successfully logging into Afrisight, you will be redirected to your Afrisight dashboard.


Afrisight is a great research site that offers its members a variety of payment options. They offer their members reliable and secure payment methods, allowing for convenient payments to be made quickly and easily.

Afrisight understands the importance of being able to pay for services quickly and safely and so have spent considerable time in researching and refining the most suitable payment methods to use.

Their commitment is to provide only the highest quality payment options available so that their members can rest assured that all financial transactions are secure.

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