LG 55 Inch TV vs Samsung 55 inch TV: Which is the Best?

55 inch tvs

Currently, very few households do not have a television. Whether to watch movies, series, or videos on YouTube, we want the quality to be the best. Also, in the case of televisions, we also care about size. For this reason, LG 55 inch tv and Samsung 55 inch tv have become the most requested.

It is common to be surprised when someone tells you that they do not have a tv at home. This device has evolved so much that it is no longer only used to watch movies.


  • There is a wide variety of 55-inch televisions with different types of technology and features.
  • You must take into account the resolution of your LG 55-inch TV or your Samsung 55-inch tv and the distance to view it.
  • Some criteria to consider are sound quality and internet connectivity.

The best 55-inch TVs on the market: our recommendations

Thanks to their optimal size and excellent value for money, 55-inch televisions are becoming the most popular. Next, we show you the best between LG 55 inch tv and Samsung 55 inch tv, plus others that we consider the best on the market.

Crystal UHD technology allows this TV model to reproduce more than a billion colors with purity and quality. Its Crystal 4K processor optimizes color and dynamic range.

This Samsung 55 inch tv is a Smart TV with the Tizen system, it has a voice assistant and allows you to view the screen of your smartphone on television thanks to its Multi-View system

The LG 55UJ651V TV has a 4K IPS panel. This resolution is 4 times higher than Full HD. Therefore, it displays greater detail and consistent colors from any viewing angle.

It is a simple, fast Smart TV model with a UL Cybersecurity security certificate. Its screen is especially recommended for viewing HDR content on LED televisions. It has 2 USB ports, one of them a recorder, and 3 HDMI inputs.


SAMSUNG 55 Inch TV Class QLED Q70A Series – 4K UHD Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN55Q70AAFXZA)

Best Connectivity for LG 55-inch TV & Samsung 55-inch TV

Pipishell TV Wall Mount for 26-55 inch TVs, Full Motion TV Mount Bracket with Articulating Swivel Extension Tilting Leveling Max VESA 400x400mm Holds up to 99lbs for LED LCD OLED 4K Flat Curved Screen

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Buying Guide: Everything you should know about LG 55-inch TVs and Samsung 55 Inch TV

The popularity of 55-inch televisions is due to their competitive prices. As there is so much variety of manufacturers, it will not be difficult for you to find the one that best suits your needs.

In this shopping guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions. Thus, you will not hesitate when choosing which 55-inch television to buy, whether LG 55-inch TVs or Samsung 55 Inch TV.

What main features should your LG 55-inch tv and Samsung 55-inch tv have?

Choosing which 55-inch TV is best for you is a very personal thing. Even so, there are a number of characteristics that all of them usually have in common:

  • Type of technology: The vast majority of 55-inch televisions are LED screens.
  • Resolution: The most common resolution is Ultra HD, although you can also find 4K televisions.
  • Internet connection: Almost all current televisions are Smart TVs, so they have an Internet connection and a variety of applications.
  • Connectivity: They usually have connectivity via Wi-Fi and incorporate HDMI and USB ports.
  • Sound: The most common sound power is about 20 W.

What are the 55-inch tv dimensions?

When we talk about televisions, just like with mobile phones, we talk about inches to refer to the size of the screen. But how big are these devices really?

Please note that inches refer to the diagonal of the screen. In the case of 55 inches, we are talking about 140 centimeters of diagonal. Seen another way, they are 68.5 centimeters high and 121.8 centimeters wide.

What advantages and disadvantages does a 55-inch TV have?

The 55-inch television has become one of the most desired sizes. Next, we are going to see what advantages and disadvantages these popular devices present.


  • Variety of prices for the high offer.
  • The quality resolution, even at the most affordable prices.
  • Very good connectivity.
  • It can be Smart TV.
  • They occupy less space when compared to 75 Inch TVs


  • You have to take into account the viewing distance.
  • They occupy a space more than the lower tv sizes like the 27-inch TVs.

From what distance should you watch your 55-inch TV?

As you have seen before, the size of LG 55 inch tv or Samsung 55 inch tv is considerable. This implies that it is not suitable to see them from any distance. Whether it’s to take care of your eyesight or not to lose image quality, it’s important to have adequate space for your LG 55-inch tv and Samsung 55-inch tv.

lg 55 inch tv & samsung 55 inch tv distance
  • The recommended distance to view an HD screen is 5.5 meters.
  • If your screen is Full HD, you must see it from a distance of 3.6m
  • Finally, the ideal separation for a UHD screen is 2.1 meters.
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What resolution can a 55-inch TV have?

The two most common types of resolution on 55-inch TVs are Ultra HD and 4K resolution. Here are the main differences between them:

resolutionpixelscolor depth
Ultra HD3840 x 2160 pixels10 bits
4K4096 x 2160 pixels12 bits

Most LG 55-inch tv or Samsung 55-inch TVs have UHD resolution. This is because the 4K resolution currently achieved is not true 4K.

Purchase criteria

Now that you have answers to the most frequently asked questions to choose your 55-inch television, we are going to see the criteria that you should take into account.


As we discussed in the buying guide, the most common resolution for 55-inch TVs is Ultra HD. This type of resolution offers good quality in terms of sharpness and color depth. The real 4K resolution is very difficult to find and, in addition, its price is much higher.

Sound quality

Whenever we talk about television, obviously, the most important thing is the quality of the image. However, it is also good to consider the sound quality that they offer. A bad sound will worsen the perception of the image no matter how good it is.

55-inch televisions do not usually stand out for the quality of their sound. Therefore, if you are a movie buff or like to listen to music from your television, it is advisable to use external speakers.

Location / Placement

We already discussed the importance of the recommended distance to watch your LG 55-inch tv or Samsung 55-inch TV. You should not stand too close, nor too far away. This is important both to take care of your eyesight and so that the image does not lose quality.

Internet connection

There are no connectivity issues on the LG 55-inch tv or Samsung 55-inch tv. Lately, they all have Smart TV technology and connection via Wi-Fi. In addition, they incorporate Ethernet ports to have more internet connection options. These televisions also have HDMI and USB ports to connect to other devices.

There are also 55-inch TVs without Smart TV technology. In this case, you can use devices like Chromecast and Android TV that will provide you with similar functions.

Closing Thought

Within the great variety of sizes and models of televisions, the 55-inch ones are becoming one of the most demand. This is due to its value for money and the size is enough to enjoy your favorite movies or sporting events.

If you have decided to acquire either LG 55 inch tv or Samsung 55-inch tv, simply keep in mind the purchase criteria mentioned. Screen resolution, sound quality, and connectivity are some of them. Finally, make sure that the distance from which you are going to see it is adequate.  See additional articles about the best Samsung tv and watching lengths.

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