Kawasaki Dirt bikes: Is It the best Choice in 2022?

kawasaki dirt bikes

The Kawasaki Dirt bikes are powerful off-road machines, created to travel dirt trails, mountains and sand. If you like sports and also take your adrenaline to the limit, we are sure that you will know about motocross. 

This sport requires great skill from the rider and motorcycles that provide the necessary power for the demanding tours.

If you are a lover of the kawasaki dirt bikes or you are an enthusiast and want to know more about these off-road vehicles, then stay! We’ve put together an article to talk about the most important things you need to know about dirt bikes in general and the Kawasaki dirt bikes brand in particular.

The most important to Note

  • Dirt bikes are vehicles for activities such as motocross or sports derived from it. In addition, most have the peculiarity of not being approved to travel on streets or highways.
  • There are different types of these motorcycles specially designed for specific activities. They are mainly characterized by their height and long-distance suspension to make big jumps and races on uneven terrain.
  • If your intention is to buy one of these off-road machines , you must first know certain criteria such as the energy source they use, displacement, engine cycles and where they can be used.

Best Dirt Bike Items on the Market: Our Recommendations

We have prepared a list with the best products for the kawasaki dirt bikes on the market. This recommendation will help you choose the product that will be most beneficial for you. You can also choose from various products that best suit your needs.

  • Best helmet for dirt bikes
  • gloves for dirt bikes
  • Best jacket for dirt bikes
  • boots for dirt bikes

Best helmet for Kawasaki dirt bikes

Motocross Quad Crash DH Helmet ECE – YEMA YM-915 Full Face Off Road Downhill Dirt Bike MX ATV Motorbike Helmet for Adult Men Women.

Price: 69,99 EUR

The Motocross Quad Crash helmet features vents for maximum airflow, a clear visor, and a secondary sun visor. Highly recommended for beginners and experts of motocross racing, so you are well equipped in all conditions.

This helmet provides the comfort, quality and safety to ride any terrain. This brand has more than 50 years of experience in the motorcycle, mountain bike and motocross industry.

Best gloves for your kawasaki dirt bikes

O’NEAL | Cycling & Motocross Gloves | MX MTB DH FR Downhill Freeride | Durable, Flexible Materials, Ventilated Hand Top | Matrix Glove Attack | Unisex

Price: €16.99 – €39.60

O’NEAL Element motocross gloves are created with flexible materials for a perfect fit. In addition, they have an attractive design and can be used with smartphones without the need to remove your gloves.

They have the experience of the O’NEAL brand, providing quality and safety that you need in your equipment for demanding sports such as motocross. This brand has worked for years on the development of products that provide an optimal driving experience.

Best jacket for Kawasaki dirt bikes

GMS Twister Motorcycle Textile Jacket

GMS Twister Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Price: from £107.60

Herobiker motocross jackets can effectively protect your body, as they have a wear-resistant nylon coating. This jacket has protectors for the back, elbows, shoulders, forearms and chest, all attached to a mesh shirt.

It also has a removable lining for easy cleaning, maximum ventilation thanks to the multiple vents in the plastic shells. A jacket with these features is a must have for any off-road motorcyclist.

Best boots for Kawasaki dirt bikes

good boots to ride kawasaki dirt bikes

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Boot

The Sierra Pro boots are the ones for you, offering high-end features and technical upgrades to give you excellent protection. In addition, they have metal buckles for easy adjustment, protection on the inside and outside of the foot and ankle.

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Boots are an essential part of safety gear for motorcyclists. The O’NEAL Sierra Pro are a safe purchase when choosing your motocross safety gear. Trusting the quality of products of this recognized brand.

Buying Guide: Everything You Should Know About Kawasaki Dirt Bikes

About Kawasaki Dirt Bikes
Kawasaki KX250 | Motocross

If you want to buy a dirt bike to practice a sport related to motocross, it is very important that you know very well the most important aspects of this product. Below, we give you the most relevant information you need to know and we also show you the most common questions among users about dirt bikes in general, and the kawasaki dirt bikes in specific.

What is motocross?

Considered a form of motorcycling, motocross is based on competitions on circuits or tracks that are distinguished by their irregular surfaces. In turn, putting to the test not only the power of a dirt bike, but also the ability of the rider to maneuver this vehicle against the various rough terrain.

It is an extreme sport that takes your adrenaline to the limit, thanks to the big jumps, aerial maneuvers and of course, the speed.

How is motocross done?

To practice this sport, you need protective equipment specially developed to provide the necessary safety to the pilot. Among the equipment we have: helmets, gloves, knee and elbow protectors, goggles, suit, boots and without forgetting the most essential of this sport, a dirt bike.

What are dirt bikes?

It is a specialized off-road motorcycle for making big jumps on difficult terrain. They are distinguished from other motorcycles by their design, as they have fenders further away from the rear wheel, suspensions with longer travel to better cushion landings after jumps. Similarly, they provide greater stability on uneven terrain.

The kawasaki dirt bikes are not approved to run on roads and streets, since they do not meet the guidelines required for a two-wheeled vehicle. This is due to the absence of certain components in their design to give them the necessary lightness for the activity they were developed for. It should be noted that not all dirt bike designs have this limitation.

What are kawasaki dirt bikes for?

Mainly to be ridden on uneven terrain circuits or tracks, kawasaki dirt bikes can be used in different activities derived from motocross. Although for each activity the characteristics of the motorcycle may vary, whether it is to make big jumps or ride mountainous trails.

How to ride a dirt bike?

If you are a beginner, the first thing to keep in mind is that you must have the necessary equipment to protect yourself and you must wear a helmet at all times.

  • Sit in the proper seating position.
  • Make sure your feet reach the ground without tilting the motorcycle.
  • Place both hands on the handlebars.
  • When driving, the feet should be supported by the footrests.

How to drive a dirt bike?

Once the previous steps have been carried out, we will be ready to drive our off-road motorcycle. You must familiarize yourself with the handling of the kawasaki dirt bikes, if you have ridden a conventional motorcycle, the sensation may be somewhat different and it is normal. A dirt bike tends to move a lot because of the irregularities of the terrain.

Try to reach higher speeds with each practice, always keep your eyes on the road. When accelerating, it is normal to feel a force pushing your body backwards. To counteract this do the following:

  • Sitting correctly, not too far back, to avoid pulling on the handlebars.
  • The hips should be in line with the footpegs of the motorcycle.
  • The upper body should be slightly leaning forward.

Master the gear changes, the throttle, the clutch and the gear lever, these three elements should not be treated as independent movements. To make a gear change you must:

  • Release throttle.
  • Press the clutch.
  • Make the change.

When you have the new change, progressively release the clutch and at the same time, go accelerating. Practice until you can make smooth and quick changes.

When braking, it is advisable to squeeze the gas tank of the motorcycle with your thighs, this will prevent your body from moving forward when performing this action. This will also prevent pushing force on the handlebars. Every time you brake, you should downshift, this will help you resume acceleration more quickly.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dirt bike?

Despite being powerful off-road machines, kawasaki dirt bikes have positive and negative characteristics that you must take into account when deciding on any type of motorcycle. Here we mention them:


  • Ideal for uneven trails.
  • They are lighter than a conventional motorcycle.
  • They have a powerful engine.
  • Long-distance suspension to cushion jumps and irregularities on the ground.


  • Driving is mostly not allowed on streets and highways.
  • Some lack lighting systems, support legs and have noisy exhaust systems.
  • They are not designed for high speeds.
  • They are usually quite tall.

What types of Kawasaki dirt bikes are there?

Currently, there are different kawasaki dirt bikes, plus other types of dirt bikes, each type has particular characteristics, which are created to carry out activities related to motocross. This extreme sport is subdivided into several categories and for this there are different designs of motorcycles adapted to the demands of each activity. Here we mention the most relevant:

TypeDesignSportUser Level
StandardHigh, Long-travel rigid suspension, No lighting system, Noisy exhaust systemMotocross, SupercrossProfessional
EnduroHigh, Smooth long-travel suspension, Lighting system, Kickstand, Moderate exhaust soundEnduro, HikingBeginner, Professional
TrialLow, Short-travel suspension, Does not have a lighting system, Does not have a seatTrialProfessional

Purchase criteria

When buying a dirt bike, you must take into account certain aspects about the product in order to make a choice according to your needs. Here are the most important criteria to consider before buying your dirt bike. They are the following:

  • Power source
  • engine capacity
  • engine cycle
  • place of use
  • user level

Power source

One of the most important features for your motorcycle is the way they generate power. Here we mention them:

  • Gasoline: generating energy by combustion on a dirt bike, is currently the most common way for those who own this type of off-road vehicle.
  • Electricity: it is a more recent way to generate energy, providing high performance that allows you to enjoy the same qualities of a motorcycle that uses gasoline as fuel.

Engine capacity

It is necessary to say that a displacement is the total sum of the useful volume of fuel in all the cylinders of an engine, this is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). This concept only applies to motorcycles that use gasoline as fuel. Having said that, we will mention some of the different displacements in the engines of kawasaki dirt bikes and their categorization of users:

A displacement is very important in terms of power, this implies that the greater the displacement, the greater the power that the engine will generate.

  • Children: 50cc, 80cc, 110cc.
  • Adolescentes: 125cc, 250cc.
  • Adults: 250cc, 300cc, 350cc, 450cc.

Engine cycle

Another feature to consider when choosing your dirt bike is the engine cycle. Like the previous criteria, this only applies to engines that use combustion as an energy source. There are two-stroke engines (2t) and four-stroke engines (4t).

The main difference between these engine types is that four-stroke engines separate the lubrication system from the fuel system. This greatly minimizes the emission of polluting gases into the environment. They also greatly reduce noise pollution compared to two-stroke engines.

Place of use

Its main use is for motocross, supercross, trial tracks or rough trails, however, it depends a lot on what you require. In case you also need to transport yourself on roads with a dirt bike, you should know in detail the permits or laws that apply to transit through these roads, not all kawasaki dirt bikes can be legally driven on roads, it depends on each country.

It is important to say that one of the types of kawasaki dirt bikes or other types of dirt bikes that can be used both on and off the road are enduro-bikes, since they have a lighting system, a support leg, among other things, unlike one used for motocross.

User level

Given the different dirt bikes that exist, including the kawasaki dirt bikes, some are easier to drive than others, depending on the activity you want to do, since to practice sports such as motocross, supercross or trial, greater driving skills are required.

kawasaki dirt bikes in action
  • If you are an enthusiast or a beginner, you should keep in mind that the most recommended for you is a motorcycle that has power, good construction materials, that is easy to ride and that, in turn, has good serial specifications.
  • If you are a professional, you will be looking for the best model that provides the best quality and power, among other features according to your needs, regardless of its cost.

Closing Thought

To summarize, kawasaki dirt bikes are created for a specific use, to take us through open fields, trails, mountains, among others. In addition to being very light, they give us the power and speed necessary to perform jumps, aerial maneuvers and avoid obstacles along the way.

The safety of the pilot is essential, in extreme sports safety equipment must be used at all times.

An important point about dirt bikes is that they are not all the same and they are not used for exactly the same activities. This implies that some have certain differential characteristics compared to other models, for example, lightness, fuel tank, lighting system, to name a few.

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