Transparent folder: Everything you should know About It

transparent folder

Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to have a transparent folder in your life? Many offices make use of this product to organize and classify their important documents, and why not use it at home too?

Transparent folders are necessary for everyone’s life. Store and protect valuable information, such as taxes. These folders are durable, consistent, and useful. A transparent folder is of good quality when you have been satisfied with the purchase and you know that you would repeat it.


  • A transparent folder can become part of our day-to-day. Among them, there are transparent ring binders, clasp binders, or those with a clip.
  • One of its most important characteristics is resistance, durability, and quality.
  • Material is a very important factor that will help your binder stay consistent. Storing the necessary documents in an orderly manner will make it easier to find them.

The best transparent folders on the market

Next, we recommend the four best transparent folders that you can find on the market. The majority of users have chosen to trust these products that we are going to show you.

Best Clear Snap Closure Binder

Rapesco 0688 A4+ Landscape Portfolio Folder, Assorted Translucent Colours

This transparent A4 folder is made of polypropylene and its closure is made with a clasp. Due to its structure, it offers 5 units with folders of various colors to your liking. Under the flap, there is a pen holder and a zipper to keep the contents safe.

It is manufactured by the Rapesco brand. The users of this article have positively valued their opinion about it.

The best transparent folder with rubber bands – Garfoplas folders assorted colors

If you are looking for a good folder that will keep your content safe, we recommend this transparent folder with elastic bands. It is covered in opaque rigid polypropylene, a spiral wound. Inside it includes an adhesive textile tape closure.

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The lid is hard, but at the same time flexible, and it is one of the virtues that stands out from the product.

Best clear binder with divider- MP Filing Folder with Rings, 60 A4 Pockets with Customizable Cover

This ring binder is made for A4 pockets (240 x 310mm) and has 60 pockets inside. It has transparent covers with rings to rotate easily.

It also has a customizable cover. The thickness of this folder helps it hold up to 60 sleeves and can be easily moved.

Best transparent a5 folder – Rapesco 1500 Plastic Snap Portfolio Folder, A5 Size, Clear

It is a transparent A5 folder of 25 transparent units. Each of the plastic wallets can hold up to 50 sheets of A5 paper. It also has a pen holder under the flap and a hook and eye closure.

It is a durable A5 transparent folder and many users say that it stands out for its quality.

Shopping Guide

Transparent folder file

Transparent folders are designed exclusively for people who need to organize their day-to-day. Next, we will show you the most relevant questions you need to know about transparent folders.

Advantages of having a transparent folder

Transparent folders are part of everyday life and are a symbol of organization and seriousness in any job. If, for example, you work in a decoration or solar company and you need to store important documents, this type of folder is perfect for you.

These folders can save you from any trouble. Next, we are going to present to you the pros and cons that every transparent folder has.


  • Endurance
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Utility
  • Order
  • Prevents the sheets from getting wet and wrinkling


  • Lack of storage space in the folder
  • Easy to lose if not kept in a safe place

What transparent folder sizes are there?

Did you think there was only one transparent folder size? Most people think that the size of the folder does not matter, but we want to clarify some doubts.

As you know, the standard transparent folder is the A4 one, perfect for filing pages or documents. Besides, there are different sizes, such as A3, A5, or A6.

When to use a transparent folder?

Don’t know when you think you’ll need to use a transparent folder? This question is very easy: when you have the need to order your documents. It is true that all offices make use of these folders, but unfortunately, very few people have them at home.

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Transparent folders are paramount in every person’s life. Making use of them helps to store deeds, taxes, insurance, water or electricity bills, and important documents that you want to have in order.

What is the use of a transparent ring binder?

transparent ring binders

Transparent ring binders are used so that the covers inside can be easily removed. Many people prefer this type of folder, as it makes it easier to remove folios. The ring mechanism helps you to review all the documents without worrying about their order since they are well secured.

Clear ring binders also have different sizes:

  1. The standard sheet size is A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  2. A3 size is (420 x 297mm)
  3. A5 size is (210 x 148mm)

Purchase criteria

There are many reasons why you should make use of transparent folders. You can use them both to save your identity cards, bank cards, and other cash or app cards and to sort them in chronological order. Actually, they play a very important role in the world of work.

  • Material: The material of a durable clear folder should be hard and firm so that you can safely store documents without the need to worry about them getting damaged or wrinkled.
  • Size: There are many dimensions, if you have an A4 sheet of paper, which is the normal size, you should ask for an A4 transparent folder. If your sheet is larger, you will need A5, A6, A7, and A8, if it is smaller, A2 or A3.
  • Closing: There are many types of closure, but you should find the one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Utility:

A transparent folder performs the main function in your day-to-day life. Organize your ideas, school work, and private documents and store important information that you don’t need to see every day. As if that were not enough, it helps you to have good organization in the work area.

It is much more useful than you think, it protects documents and prevents them from being torn, wrinkled or lost. It can save you from many troubles. Organization can save you from various problems like when someone asks you to hand over an invoice from three years ago. Do you still believe that a transparent folder is not useful?


Nowadays, we have multitudes of options to organize documents. Software is a very powerful weapon that has conquered us. Many times it makes life easier for us since in less than a minute we find what we are looking for.

However, a transparent folder is a tangible element that can give us more security when it comes to knowing that we can touch and observe it. It is a product that has been accompanying us for many years and also helps us at any time. Protect, store and order valuable information.

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